NAN provides a wide spectrum of carpentry services including pre-fab and compound trims and casings, crown moldings, door installation, countertop replacements, cabinet repairs, flooring (ceramic, laminate and vinyl), shelving, etc.

In few other areas of construction is an eye for detail as valuable as with trim and finish carpentry.

Carpentry is a general term used to describe a wide range of skills and applications in the cutting, joining and arrangement/installation of various building materials. A single project may involve the coordination of a broad range of skills or be intensely focused on a single skill set.

From utilitarian projects that demand functionality, to elaborate assemblies that beautify and enhance the living space, the same attention to detail will be immediately noticeable in the finished product.

I was impressed by the amount of care he took with each stage of the job, and the amount of attention he paid to every detail. All of this shows in the final product.

James Shidmore (Villa Herbert)

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