Villa Herbert

The Balloon Effect

One of the hazards of renovating any home is that you can never be sure just what you’ll find once you open things up; beyond educated guessing there is always the potential of finding sleeping giants. What began as an in-house bathroom remodel ballooned into a complete plumbing, electrical, and structural overhaul. Albeit taxing on the budget and the nerves, the project ended the better for it in terms of future reliability and customization. Despite all the detours it was very rewarding to see that the months of planning that went into the project resulted in a pleasurable experience and a happy customer.

Villa Herbert Bathroom Renovation from James Skidmore on Vimeo.

James Skidmore (Villa Herbert)

I can recommend Aaron without hesitation. He planned the work on my bathroom very carefully, and consulted with me every step of the way. He was patient with my questions; if I didn’t understand something, he took the time necessary to explain it to me. He was very conscientious and wanted to be sure that I understood everything that was going on. I was also impressed by the amount of care he took with each stage of the job, and the amount of attention he paid to every detail. All of this shows in the final product: an immaculate bathroom where every detail has been attended to, with nothing left unfinished or half-done or in some way substandard. The job was perfect!  Aaron was tidy, polite, and helpful throughout the renovation, and I am completely satisfied with his work.

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