About the Owner

The owner/operator of New Age Necessity is Aaron McLaughlin. Born in Canada and raised in Southeastern Ontario, he was accepted to The University Of Waterloo in 1996.  In 2001 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts, and chose to settle in Kitchener-Waterloo.

While working in the trades during his years in school, Aaron found that many of the skills required to create and perceive works of art were largely transferable to trade projects. The first similarity is the ability to conceptualize the finished product and to pursue that vision throughout the execution. The second is the development of a language to relate and understand design ideas. When used in the conception of a space, these skills help Aaron to understand the features his clients desire and to communicate what he envisions as the potential of the space. In execution these skills enable him to anticipate how these desires will be met by the design, and what steps will need to be taken to achieve them.

Working as a contractor Aaron prides himself on being able to offer his customers:

  • a standard of quality based on principles that are part of a broader commitment to effort and pride in the individual
  • the simplicity and peace of mind of a personal interface with the tradesperson who will be on site doing the work, from the estimate to completion
  • an educational approach whereby his clients will be given, to their satisfaction, the reasoning behind everything that is being done, enabling them to understand the cost/value equation and make informed decisions on the direction of the project

Aaron and NAN are active in the business community, often collaborating with other trades people on larger projects. Further to the skills of the owner, NAN has forged many business connections with like minded professionals and entrepreneurs who specialize in their respective fields. These individuals can be called in to carry out work or provide consults either as part of the NAN package or under a separate contracting agreement. Not only can this arrangement be less work for the homeowner, but independent professionals will often provide better service than employees of in-house operations.

Aaron works efficiently and with exceptional attention to detail. We are perfectly pleased with the results.

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