A typical hardwood installation involves the staggering of boards of different lengths that are of the same general color, pattern and width. This can sometimes require great forethought depending on color variation, layout, and obstacles present. To accomplish this, boards are “racked” prior to and during installation to expose different lengths for proper staggering, to ensure color homogeny, and to weed out any deficient product.


A smaller main floor that was a lot of fun to do, the Abbey installation involved a few extra twists.

Whereas a regular floor is comprised of planks of the same width, the Abbey floor is composed of planks of three different widths. This meant that during installation plank selection had to be based on width, then length.


    The natural color variations inherent to hickory hardwood can be extreme, ranging from pale yellows to rich browns, often within a single board. It becomes very important to space same and contrasting colored boards in an eye pleasing manner. To accomplish this, all three variables must be considered at once and relative to the whole.

    “We were really impressed with our new hardwood floor. It adds depth and class to the rooms, and the wood color makes them seem warmer. The boards were put together very skillfully, with the more interesting pieces in the middle for maximum visibility. The care taken during the installation was admirable, and the result was exceptional. A worthy investment!”

    “I love it! I cannot understand why I waited so long to have a hardwood floor. What amazed me the most, Aaron, apart from the care you took with the floor is how well you clean the garage after using it. This shows a lot of pride in your work.”

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