Wall systems

NAN provides full drywall services including demolition, wall and bulkhead framing, insulation, vapor barriers, drywall installation, and drywall finishing (taping, coating, sanding, texturing and painting).

It helps to understand the wall as a system when considering any level of renovation.

This system can include structural or partition framing, sound and/or thermal insulation, air and vapor barriers, electrical and communication wiring, plumbing supply and drainage systems, ductwork, and lastly the wall exterior.

In order to produce a fully functional and enduring installation, each of these components requires consideration as a part of the whole before the wall is closed. This multitude of considerations make wall construction a surprisingly challenging and complex endeavor best left to the experienced professional.

I was impressed by the amount of care he took with each stage of the job, and the amount of attention he paid to every detail. All of this shows in the final product.

James Shidmore (Villa Herbert)

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