Finishing spaces

NAN provides full finishing services for basements, attics, garages, and outbuildings.

The unique opportunity afforded by such projects is that there is the potential for complete customization.

The reinvention of unfinished areas in a home can pose some technical challenges, but can be well worth the effort. Site specific details can usually be turned into unique design elements that add unexpected interest and character to the space.

As with bathroom and kitchen renovations, new spaces enhance both the value of the home and the quality of life enjoyed by its inhabitants.

A home that may have been purchased otherwise finished can be endowed with an expression of the homeowners taste and purpose.

Often much more cost effective than building an addition, finishing an existing space can make a home that would otherwise be too small into a comfortable abode.

The care taken during the installation was admirable, and the result was exceptional. A worthy investment!

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